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TV: Better Off Ted | Movies: Ghostbusters (New)

Thanks to the Olympics, none of the usual shows I watch were on. Luckily that lead me to try Better Off Ted. Though I had heard many recommendations for it before, I had thought it was related to that talking teddybear adult humor movie by Seth MacFarlane, so I was avoiding it. I'm so happy when I gave it a shot!

The first season was the funniest thing I ever saw on TV. I laughed out loud multiple times each 20 minute episode! The second season was more hit and miss, though still worth watching.

Set in the offices of Veridian Dynamics, an "evil" big company (use of quotation marks on that is questionable!), it follows the interactions and scientific discoveries of the workers there.

In the first season, every episode comes with a fake commercial

The fake company interacted with the real world, too. Veridian Dynamics responded to President Obama's request for free air time for his press conference:

Though the show was canceled six years ago, luckily you can see all of both seasons online right here.


Every time I watch a movie, I rediscover how little patience I have for sitting and doing nothing but watching it for two hours. At best, it takes me a full day to watch a movie (because I endlessly pause it to do other things), at worst, it takes me multiple days to get through one. The fact that it only took me nine hours to get through the new Ghostbusters movie should be a sign of how much I enjoyed it. (Though, to be fair, my expectations were really, really low.)

The whole thing was fun as heck. I didn't mind (outright enjoyed!) the all-female cast and that the secretary was an airhead good looking guy. The story felt true to the original I enjoyed the whole thing.

Oddly, I found that TV movies seem to work better for me. The commercials break it up so I get natural points to do other stuff. I watched The Others on some online station earlier this week, and while I don't really like horror/ghost movies, I found I watched the whole entire thing, and enjoyed it!
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