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*pulls hair out* UGH!

I got a call from the apartment complex I'm moving in to. "We have good news and bad news..." That is NOT what you want to hear from a place you're moving to.

The good news: My apartment is completely finished and ready to move in to.

They opened with that news. Which is good news, but what could be the bad news compared to that?

The building hasn't passed the town inspection and they can't move residents in.

Gods above...

They offered to move me into a different apartment in the complex for a week, and they're going to pay for movers to move me in to my intended apartment once it does pass. So that's something, but I won't be able to unpack anything for at least a week. And I'm going to have to move twice.

Lesser annoying thing: The temporary apartment is in the second floor, with no elevator in the building. My knees ache going up only a couple steps. :( And I'm going to have to move my computer and cat myself and things like the cat box... things I don't want the movers to do.

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