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Anyone have some new legs?

It's been a rough 24 hours! Being on the second floor means endless trips up and down the stairs.

Good thing: A flight of stairs no longer bothers me! Two flights don't! Three! My brain still thinks I weigh 130 more pounds than I do, and even a couple steps was hard. Now I can just run (or plod) up them without trouble.

Bad thing: About five times up and down is the line for my comfort. After that it starts hurting/getting tired. Yesterday I went up and down 12 times in a row, plus assorted other trips up and down during the day, plus more today. I think my poor legs might fall off.

After 24 hours with no Internet (EEEK) I'm finally settling in. While this apartment and complex have a hell of a lot of issues, they're quite responsive on fixing things. The complex offers "free" Internet (which you have to pay a non-optional $35 fee for...), but it wasn't working. They had a tech here in my apartment for almost an hour to make it work. While the $35 fee sucks, I had been paying $68 for Internet alone, so I'm saving. Plus it's the highest level/fastest customer access Comcast Business offers, so it should be good. (So far, so good, though I haven't tried streaming video yet. Edit: Streaming seems really good, whew!)

My apartment is full of boxes, and it's going to stay that way, which is a pain. But it IS a nicer apartment than the one I leased, so I'm going to just try to enjoy it while I'm here, until mine is ready to move into.

Ellie New Cat is settling down (I'm sure the place being full of all of our stuff helps). Unfortunately there's a (young?) cat-eating Boxer dog next door. Ellie likes sitting in the window, and the dog goes crazy trying to get at her when the owner walks it by. The owner seems responsive and is correcting the dog, so that's something.

My apartment complex is right next to a train track (same street as it, only one other complex between the tracks and us -- standing in our parking lot, you can see the trains going by). While I hate noise, I actually like the sound of trains, so that's okay. Train lines seem to be like airports -- they respect quiet hours as much as they can. After 9 PM, they seem to stop doing the train whistles and bells, so you only hear the track noise.

I really, REALLY need to get some book reviews written, before I forget everything about them. Life has just been too busy lately. Long weekend coming, so hopefully soon!
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