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Why yes, world, I do have the worst timing ever.

All summer I was in an apartment with AC. I used it three times. Two of those three times I could have easily done without it. Once was necessary because I had used the self-clean on the oven and didn't realize it would heat up my apartment by literally 20 degrees. So, weather-wise, I didn't need to use the AC even once.

Move to a new apartment with no AC. Less than a week later, heat wave. 90 outside (which is also 7 degrees hotter than where I used to live ONE TOWN OVER, five minute drive away). Evening and it's still hot outside, and way hotter inside. And it's going to be even hotter tomorrow.

The one plus side to this is that, since I'm in the temporary apartment, it has a bedroom window and is on the second floor, so I can leave it open at night. (Leased apartment has no bedroom, let alone bedroom window, and is on the ground floor.) If I couldn't get a cross-breeze going, I'd be really miserable.

Next summer is going to be fun...
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