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"Consistency breeds contentment in cats."

Long, long ago, back when I was a preteen or a teenager, I read a book called It's a Cat's Life.

It was written by a woman who spent her life caring for cats. Cat sitter, vet tech, all sorts of different cat-related jobs. One of the lines in it stuck with me all these years: "Consistency breeds contentment in cats."

I think I'm a cat.

I really, really wish I could get a little consistency in my life right now. The temporary apartment has so many problems. The dishwasher didn't work (got no water). They came by and fixed it, now it gets water... and leaks all over the floor. The bigger issue is my Internet access. Two days ago it wasn't working, so they came in and fixed it. I asked them to confirm that it was the apartment's access and not my previous Comcast account (which wasn't turned off yet). They said they were certain. So I turned off my Comcast account, Comcast said it would take two business days to turn off...

Guess what. This morning I had no Internet access.


I'd like a day without problems. A day where it wasn't 90+ in my apartment. Today is not going to be that day.
Tags: moving, so very tired, stress
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