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Boys Kissing Boys

I ran to the post office at lunch to pick up my package. (Wow, the Sunnyvale post office (on Mary) is a zillion times better than the one I used to have to go to in Santa Clara (on Walsh).) Pretty Singapore stamps on it (it being the package, not the post office)! I have to resist opening it here at work...

Thistle rips into the package!
Boss walks over. "Hey, Thistle, what're you lookin' at?"
Thistle, "Uh. Um. Uh. Well, see, there's this guy named Auron, right? And, um, I bought this book filled with, um, pictures of him and... Hey! Look over there! It's a distraction!" *Thistle zoom away!*

I ripped open the edge and peeked at the cover. Looks keen! I have to put it into my backpack so it'll stop tempting me till I can get home and really look at it.

Gotta get the darned scanner hooked up again, too...
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