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I've had quite enough of this

The last apartment I was in, I had AC but never used it. A whole year, and I didn't need to use it once for weather-reasons. (I did run it once when I used the self-clean on my oven.)

I move to an apartment with no AC, and TWICE IN TWO WEEKS, in the middle of FALL, we have heatwaves! Arg.

It's currently 93 in my apartment, at 5 PM. It's been 90+ for hours now. I really just want to cry at the apartment choices I made.

Related to that, the complex sent out an email:

Now that we are getting closer to being able to release our last two buildings it would be great to get a "Yelp" from all of you. For everyone who post's a Yelp Review about how great it is to live at [complex] a Starbucks Gift Card will be presented to you when your review posts!

The last two buildings. Where I was supposed to move into. More than two weeks ago. Which they first promised to be done in a week. Then two weeks. Then "two weeks but no promises". Do you really, really want me to post a Yelp review right now, complex? I do not think you do.
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