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I might be crazy, but I think not... (moving, apartments)

So I decided to look for a new apartment. Because the current complex is breaking my lease (not having my leased unit ready), I can get out of it.

My goal in coming here was to save money, but with all the fees ($80 pet rent, $30 Internet/month, $30 trash valet/month), I'm not really saving all that much. Looking around, I could get a one bedroom (current one lease is a studio) in a better area, much much better complex, with a parking spot (current apartment has no assigned parking, more apartments than spots in the lot, and no street parking) for not that much more. Plus the place I'm looking at has a $25 pet rent -- so much better than $80. The complex I'm going to visit tomorrow has AC in some units, so that might not happen, we'll see how that changes the price.

I feel insane to think about moving again, but hell, all my stuff is still in boxes. I'd have to pay for this move ($400 at least), but it seems like the stress of moving again would be reduced.

I'd have to go back to a personal Comcast account, but checking their site, I could get it for $30 -- same as here. And I bet, unlike here, it won't go down every couple hours.

While I'd really rather not move again, I'd have to move soon anyway -- into the unit I leased, if nothing else. So if I'm going to move, I could at least try to improve my situation.

I'm going to see a place that looks reasonable tomorrow. The clock is ticking, I'll need to be out before the apartment I was supposed to move into is ready, and unfortunately I don't know when exactly that is.

I wish I wasn't so awful at looking for apartments. I hate doing it, so as soon as I find one that seems reasonable, I jump on it so I don't have to look for more.
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