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I got up extra early this morning (8! On a vacation day!) to try to get my collection of oekaki art all organized, re-sized, the pages HTMLized, and all that. I wanted an empty folder for once. And what happens? Grr, grr, Catlove's server goes down! 9:30 this morning and I was dead in the water. One page down, one page updated, and that's all I have to show for the day. It's now nearly 5, and it's still down. Growl.

The super and owner still haven't returned my call about lowering the rent. Sigh. The two empty apartments in this complex got filled pretty quickly, which isn't good for me and my hopes for lower rent. I don't want to push it too far because I really don't want to move... but I would like a lower rent. (I'm paying about 50% over market average for a single room apartment.) The thing that's keeping me here is that this isn't like an apartment complex at all: It's a single story building, only three units per building. We're located on a (literally) nearly silent residential street. Other than when the, um, English-challenged family across the street blasts their Spanish music (a couple times a month), it's so wonderfully quiet here. Only the birds and the wind can be heard, nothing else. It's so great at night. It gets so silent that sometimes I hold my breath because the sound of my breathing seems "loud".

Vacation is slipping by too quickly. How's it Thursday already? I have to go back to work on Tuesday! Stop time! Quick!
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