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All systems: Go! Full speed ahead!

What a busy day. In the space of about four hours, I:
- Filled out the application for the new apartment
- Got it approved
- Filled out the 40 page lease
- Got it approved
- Got power turned on in the new place
- Got Comcast set up again
- Bought a Comcast-approved modem (rent from Comcast for $10 a month, minimum 12 months, or buy one outright for $70? I wish I had known buying was an option before I rented from them for TEN YEARS).
- Contacted the movers, though haven't heard back from them yet, which is a tad worrying. I'll contact them tomorrow if I don't hear from them by lunchtime.

Since I'm moving on Monday (movers permitted...), I was worried where the modem would be delivered, so I'm trying Amazon Locker for the first time. There are lockers in various placed (in my case, at a 7-11 up the road) and Amazon will deliver it there. Then you punch in a code, and one of the locker doors open for you. Hopefully that will go smoothly.

Saturday: Pick up keys to new place.
Monday: Movers.
Tuesday: Turn keys to current place in.

Hopefully by this time next week, I'll be settled into my new apartment FOR GOOD (or at least for a year...).
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