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I say this every time I see daytime TV...

I'm working from home today, so I have a TV station running on my second monitor. Since I have to watch it online, I take what I can get -- a station from some other state, a station from Europe, whatever people have online today. In this case, I'm watching CBS out of Ohio.

More interesting than the TV shows are the commercials. (Seriously, I only see commercials maybe once a month. They're interesting and generally well made!) I'm especially interested in the political ones (which I never, ever would have said when I still had TV service). I've only seen Hillary ones so far, but this one especially caught my attention:

First off: Holy crap. If I hadn't already been certain about my decision, that would make it for me. Second, man is that sad. I know the 'respect women' comment from him is old, but... man. That someone would ever say that.

More than the political decision, the commercial is really well made. Sad, but well made.

I apologize to anyone who is sick of political ads! I've only seen a very small number of them so far this season.
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