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Amazon Locker & the weather

I'd like to know how I pissed the weather gods off.

Two years I lived in an apartment with AC. In the last year, I did not need to use the AC even once for weather-related purposes.

Move to an apartment with no AC for THREE WEEKS, in the middle of FALL, and we have THREE heat waves! 95+ each time! Which means 100+ inside! When there was not even one hear wave all summer! I'm moving out on Monday, but Saturday is going to be 90+ and Sunday is going to be 95+. ARG.

Seriously, I must have pissed something off...

On Amazon Locker, it couldn't be easier. The most "challenging" part was spotting where it was located in the little store. Punch in a 5 digit code, door pops open, take box. I'd happily use it again, if needed!
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