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Settling in / Canada makes the best TV shows!

I'm still settling in to my new apartment.

Short version: LOVING IT!

Slightly longer version: Though I really, really hate the bathroom (toilet/shower in a tiny room, sink/mirror/counter outside of it), all the many pluses more than make up for it. The apartment complex's neighbor is an elementary school, which seems to mean the complex is a great place for families to live. Every neighbor in the building has multiple children, but that seems to mean everyone goes to bed early. I can't believe the size of families people are packing into apartments! My patio faces another building, so there are two apartments/patios facing mine. One of the apartments has four kids, the other seems to have five. Age ranges from baby to maybe five/six years old. During the day/afternoon/evening, they do play outside and are sometimes loud, but it's still quieter than the last couple places I lived.

I was worried I wouldn't have enough space for everything, but the more I organize stuff, the more I find I have enough room. I still think I own WAY WAY WAY too much stuff though. I had ~24 medium sized cardboard boxes, four very large plastic tubs, five luggage-sized duffle bags, and a number of large black garbage bags full of bedding/blankets/etc. And furniture, of course. How does one gather all this stuff? I have 25 butter knives!

I'd like to know who in the world thought off-white carpeting was a good idea for apartments. Every apartment I lived in with carpeting has this same beige-ish color carpet. I live in fear of dropping something on it. I know my cat will throw up on it at some point. I know hardwood floors aren't as warm, but at least I don't have to worry about messing them up, and they're a lot easier to keep clean.

TV: I've been binge watching Major Crimes. I love the characters in it so much! I'm almost through season three, and season five is currently airing now. I'm going to be so sad when I catch up. Mary McDonnell is just so delightful to watch. ...huh, apparently I need to watch The Closer next, as Major Crimes is a spin-off of it.

While I love Major Crimes, I'm watching a couple episodes most every day, so now and again I need an episode of something else just for a little break. Aftermath sounded like a great fit for me:

The series is centered on the Copeland family, a couple with three almost-grown children, who struggle to survive as natural disasters, followed by the rise of supernatural beings, brings civilization to an end...

I was worried the "supernatural beings" were going to be zombies (I'm so done with zombies), but nope. Only one episode has aired so far, but it's super creepy and I love it.

This isn't the first show from Canada's Space channel that I have loved. I also really enjoyed Bitten (which I see has a new season out -- I have to catch up on).

Other: While staying up all night/not sleeping even a moment is a bad, bad, bad thing to do, I look back so fondly on that night a week ago when I couldn't sleep and my MMO had a patch coming out, so I just stayed up all night waiting and then playing. There's something so foreign and exotic about being awake at 2 AM or 3 AM, knowing everyone else is asleep around you, while you're having fun. I paid for the loss of sleep for many days after, but it really was worth it.
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