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Back to school...

I feel like I'm copying tersa: I have to take an online college course for work. Hers is in Spanish, mine is in Technical Writing (which is the job I do, so hey, that should be handy... though it would have been more handy two or three years back).

It's kind of odd. I'm really nervous about doing everything right, but I guess that's a good thing -- I'm taking this class more serious than I did any class I took while in college.

Part of the reason I'm worried about it is money. I HATE HATE HATE how my company handles paying for it: I have to pay for it 100% (class and textbooks both), then assuming I pass and don't quit the company before finishing the course, they'll pay me back. That sort of makes sense for them, but... ugh. I've paid more than $1,000 for the class and two books, and I'm really uncomfortable with the worry of not getting that back.

I've done one assignment and one "class discussion" (commenting in a forum) thus far, and my grades were good (two As -- 93 and 98), but this is just the intro stuff so far, no technical/real work yet, so we'll see how it goes. Still that's 1/8th of my score so far, so good start.

Hm, I suppose I should do more reading for it instead of puttering around on LJ. :P
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