Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Tell me about the rabbits, George

I have no real feelings on rabbits. They seem nice enough animals, but I'm indifferent towards them. However, for some odd reason, lately I keep dreaming about them.

One dream was my mother wanting to adopt one because they live 5-6 years and that's the amount of time she wanted to own a pet. (No idea if that's true or not about their lifespan.)

Last night I dreamed that *I* owned a rabbit, and some wild rabbit got in to breed with it. (How a wild rabbit would break into my apartment and get into a cage is something that never came up in the dream...)

I don't believe in symbolism in dreams exactly (like everyone who dreams about rabbits wants to get pregnant or something like that), but I figure something in waking life has to be triggering thoughts about rabbits. Or maybe at this point it's thinking about my dreams about rabbits that triggers more dreams about them, and I'm doomed to dream about nothing but rabbits for the rest of my life.

Tags: dreams
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