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Movie bit, book tidbit

Two little things make a small post.

I was invited to a movie preview, first time that ever happened. Unfortunately it was for a movie that I had less than no interest in seeing. Title: Long Halftime Walk. The summary:

The film is told from the point of view of 19-year-old private Billy Lynn (newcomer Joe Alwyn) who, along with his fellow soldiers in Bravo Squad, becomes a hero after a harrowing Iraq battle and is brought home temporarily for a victory tour. Through flashbacks, culminating at the spectacular halftime show of the Thanksgiving Day football game, the film reveals what really happened to the squad - contrasting the realities of the war with America's perceptions.

Even if I could see it for free online, instead of actually having to go to a theater, I'd have no interest at all in seeing it. Less than none: It seems like a move I'd dislike. RL war. Sports. No thanks.

As the invitation was sent to me the same day as the preview, I wonder if other people canceled and they were trying to fill in spots? Either way, I didn't go, even though it was at my local theater.

The other minor thing amused me: New book I'm reading, the main character is 24 years old. My first reaction was to blink in surprise and wonder why the author made her so old! Then I had to laugh at myself -- clearly I've been reading way too many YA books!
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