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TV: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones

Last season (last mid-season? Couple months back) I gave up on The Walking Dead. The characters were just being too stupid, nothing that happened was reasonable, and I just hated the whole thing. A friend convinced me to give this season (mid-season?) a chance, so I watched the ep last week.

While I had some of my usual issues with it (I don't like how bloody/gory/violent it is), the storyline itself? Loved it. So I gave this week's ep a chance, and liked it even more.

I love storylines where a character gets broken, and it was oh so satisfying for it to happen to Rick. Alas, knowing how this show works, eventually he's going to rise up and kill the main badguy (Negan? spelling?), but I'll enjoy things for now.

And then this week! Carol came back! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the King and the whole Kingdom! Which, sadly, means they're going to be killed and destroyed soon, which I know will greatly annoy me, but I'll stick with it for now.

So if, like me, you gave up on TWD, you might give these new eps a chance.

Game of Thrones: I was thinking this morning. The show is so popular, I'm surprised they're ending it in two seasons. I know the book's plot will be over then, but the show is its own thing now. They could easily keep the world going. New sets of characters to follow, new stories in the same world... Seems highly doable.

I suppose they want to end it on a high note though. Sadly.
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