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TV: Major Crimes, Grey's Anatomy, Designated Survivor

It's such a sad thing when you finish a series you were marathoning. I watched all of Major Crimes with barely a break to watch anything else. Five seasons straight through, just a pause now and then to watch a single episode of some currently-running show, then back to it.

It's a show full of wonderfully realistic characters. All of them flawed in some way, but all coming together over five seasons to make one big family. The crime-of-the-week part of it was so background, the relationships were what drove the show for me.

Now I have to wait until next year for more episodes of it, blah.

By total chance, I stumbled upon Grey's Anatomy. Since I no longer have a TV and watch it online, it's harder to change the channel. The other evening, when I was in the middle of something and whatever show I had been watching ended and Grey's Anatomy started, I didn't have a hand free to change the station. I was surprised at how watchable it was. I had no idea who any of the characters were, but I thought it was a show I could get into. So I started with season one... A couple days later, and I'm well into season two. There are eight seasons as of now, so this will keep me going a while.

I feel bad that I haven't gone back to watching Designated Survivor. It was a really great show. In it, a terrorist attack struck Washington DC killing the president, VP, and all of the House and Senate. Following the rule of succession, the Head of Housing (Kiefer Sutherland) became the new president, a man who the president had intended to fire the next day. I only saw the first episode of it, but then the election happened and suddenly I cannot make myself watch anything related to the president, Washington, politics, or any of that. I feel horrible for the show -- I hope other people aren't having the same reaction as me.
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