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The difference a line makes

I thought I'd get used to my LJ's new style (forced on me when I upgraded from S1 to S2), but I didn't. It's been two weeks, and I was getting annoyed at LJ to the point of not wanting to come here anymore.

The style I used looked okay on my main page, but my friendslist page was basically unreadable -- the posts ran together, I couldn't easily tell where one post ended and the next began, and it was hard to tell who made which one. So I decided to pick a new style based not on how my main LJ page looks, but how my friendslist page looked. That seems to make sense, since I look at my friendslist every day and my LJ page only when I make a new post.

So I checked out a bunch of styles until I found one with a line between each person's posts. What a big difference that made!

Now I just have to ignore that my main LJ page is ugly...
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