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2016 book: Love Volume 4: The Dinosaur

Love Volume 4: The Dinosaur by Frederic Brremaud
Rating: Liked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Book received free for review from Diamond Book Distributors.

I've been waiting for the next graphic novel in the Love series to come out. I've enjoyed all of them so far -- they've all had such beautiful artwork. (For example, see my Love: The Fox and Love: The Lion for some samples from the previous books.)

In each of these graphic novels, the stories are told only through the artwork; other than a brief (couple sentence) forward, there's no text at all.

While the artwork was really nice in Dinosaur, I wish the pictures had been a lot more colorful. Like the other dinosaur graphic novel I reviewed last year, everything in this one was shades of grey and brown -- modern day reptiles can be colorful, why can't dinosaurs be? Or at least the plants and trees/ground around them?

These four were the most colorful pages from the story.

Unlike the first three books, the final third (or more?) of this one was taken up by drawings of individual dinosaurs: A page for this kind, a page for this other kind, a couple pages for the T-Rex. That was nice to see, though I would have enjoyed a second story more.

All in all, I was quite happy to 'read' Love: The Dinosaur! I can't wait to see what Love 5 will be about.
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