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2016 book: Spin

Spin by Robert Charles Wilson
Rating: Disliked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

The story in Spin started out interesting: One day the stars vanish. One second they're there, bright in the sky, the next they're gone. What happened to them? What else does it impact (since the sun is a star as well)? How did it happen?

The writing started out really good: The author kept adding scenes from later in the story, to let the reader know that Something Big was happening down the road. That kept me really interested in the story... for a while.

But oh my god, this felt like the longest book ever. At the 10% point, I felt like I should have hit the end of it. At the 30% book, I felt like I had read at least a trilogy's worth. I boggle that Amazon lists this book as only 366 pages. It feels longer than the longest Game of Thrones book. And that's not a good thing.

Unfortunately the scifi of this story was mostly just background stuff. The story's focus was on the relationships. And, in my opinion, the relationships in this book sucked. The story opened with one boy (the son of a maid), friends with twins (the kids of a very rich family his mother worked for). The maid's boy (the story's boring, boring main character) was in love with the female twin. She didn't love him back.

Over the years, literally years, the main character loved that girl. Even after eight years without so much as a phone call, he still loved her. An Amazon reviewer compared him to Forrest Gump pining after his Jen-nay, and I had to laugh -- that's exactly how it felt.

I reached the 40% point of this book before giving up, but it felt like I read a whole series of books. If the author had focused on the scifi aspects of this story, I would probably have loved it, but instead it felt like the scifi elements were just window dressing for the relationship story. No thanks.
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