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Now I just have to wait for tomorrow...

Verizon was having a deal on iPhone 7s, so I finally, finally took the plunge. Goodbye iPhone 4!

A big part of why I'm upgrading is security: The screen on my 4 is so small, I can't read the text half the time (Uber is unusable, for example -- if an emergency happened and I needed to call a car, it'd be very, very challenging). Add onto that that the 4's OS doesn't support so many apps anymore, even basic ones... I really needed to upgrade.

Such an odd thing, I'm going to have to hash this out when I go to pick it up tomorrow. The phone itself cost $199 (with a two year contract, but hey, I wasn't leaving anyway), but the sales tax on that is $56. Just taxes, not fees (there was an activation fee as well). Sales tax in this town is under 9%...

It's going to be odd, I'll finally be able to try Pokemon Go, so long after the craze has slowed down.

And speaking of big companies, I have to deal with Comcast. Even though I (THANKFULLY) went through the effort to get a physical, printed receipt when I turned their stuff in, they keep calling me about returning the equipment. They might have turned me over to a collections agency? I keep getting calls from a company who wants to "assist me in returning Comcast's equipment". Sigh. What an awful company they are.
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