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I'm so late to the party, everyone's gone home

Man, my new phone is nice. Siri alone is AMAZING. It's like living in a scifi world! The screen isn't as much bigger as I thought it would be, and the whole phone is so darned thin I'm paranoid to even touch it in fear of breaking it, but all in all, I love it. My new case for it should arrive tomorrow, which will make it a lot easier and safer to hold.

I don't know how people get comfortable using their phones without a case... I use Otterbox cases, which are big and clunky protection. Apparently you can drop them off a roof or let it get run over and the phone would still be okay.

It took me quite a while to get the phone activated, and all my stuff from my old phone didn't get copied over, but I got my photos and important stuff downloaded to my computer, so that's good enough.

Once I had everything ready, I downloaded Pokemon Go. Happily there have been a bunch of pokemon that show up on my desk, so I don't even have to go anywhere to grab them. (I think the game does that, starts out giving a bunch around you? I heard that happened to other people when they started as well.)

I hate you, Venomoth. I spent more than half of my pokeballs on you, even though you had a green circle.

A game on one screen, a game on the other, and a game in front of them both. Clearly I am a responsible adult.

Eventually (soon) I'm going to have to find one of those pokestops, so I can get more balls. I'm down to 17.

At this point I'm more amused by the technology of the game than the game itself, but we'll see if it hooks me.

Oh, and the $56 tax on a $199 phone? It was correct. They have to tax you on the value of the phone, not the price they're giving it to you when you sign up for a contract. Boo. So with taxes and activation fee, that was $100 more on the $200 phone. Not as much of a sale as I would have liked. Still, my bonus this year covers the cost (plus more), so good enough. It was getting to be a necessary purchase.
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