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"Go!" "But it's cold..." "GO!"

Though I've played games for many, many, many years, sometimes I'm a poor gamer. It was only two nights ago that I realized that there was probably a much easier way to find PokeStops than driving randomly around to look for them.

"Everyone must have originally had this problem. People must have compiled lists by now..."

Even better than that, there are overlays for Google's maps that show you exactly where they are. A near-ish park had six of them in it, and with quistie's advice of how she enjoyed discovering one near her, I decided to go check it out today.

If it wasn't the middle of winter, that would have been a great plan.

It was a nice park. Not close enough to walk to, but a short drive. Problem was once I got there. It was 40 degrees out with a brisk wind. Even wearing a sweater and a coat, I was cold. This would be a much nicer game in the summertime...

I popped a lucky egg and an incense. I was intending to use a lure as well, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work. (I googled once I got home, and man, some elements of the game are poorly designed -- if you can't ever use something from your inventory, it should indicate that in some way! I'm looking at you, incubator as well.)

I'm still short on Pokeballs, but I'm going to try to camp out at a Pokestop every day this week for a while to try to stock up on them.

I really like how my character looks. I named him and made his looks based on my MMO character. I don't know anything about the various teams, but red is so the best color. :P

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