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Pokemon Go

A few screenshots and such from Pokemon Go.

I really should turn my camera on when I take these, they're lot more interesting with the RL background than the generic game one.

From a few days ago, I was impressed at how many evolved ones were around me at once:

Not realizing Part Two of the event started (not realizing there WAS a Part Two at all), after much debate, I drove off to try to catch this:

It made me really, really grumpy to do that -- leave my apartment and drive just to try to catch a pokemon, but I thought this was basically a once-in-a-lifetime chance... Little did I know.

The Charizard was gone before I reached it, but when I got home I successfully caught:

I wish there was a pokestop in walking distance of me, but the closest one is about a seven minute drive away. I'm doing so much more driving for this game... (I know, you're supposed to walk, but it's just too cold for walking around a park.)

I know the goal of the game is to get people out and interacting with the world, but I'd like it so much more if it were a more traditional version of the game.
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