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A book I will not be reviewing, and other RL happenings

The Human Santapede

Nooooo thank you!

Thanks to a link from ani_mama, I ordered new glasses from Can you believe that (most) people can get prescription glasses for $6 + $4 shipping? Amazing! Unfortunately I'm not one of those people. My eyes are so bad, I had a $20 extra charge for the much stronger prescription. :/ Still, $30 for prescription glasses is so so so much better than getting them at the office I visit. (They want to sell me $400+ ones...)

Only thing that worries me is the ordering process strongly suggested that I get some special thinner lens, but that was an extra $70... I hope I don't end up with coke bottle glasses. I also hope I'll get them before I go on vacation at the end of the month, but I might not.
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