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Cotton Candy Grapes

Did you know grapes that taste like cotton candy are a thing?

Did you know that they really, really taste like cotton candy?

They were in the supermarket today, and since I was intending to buy a package of them, I snuck one out to try. I was amazed!

Alas, when I got to the checkout counter, they rang up as $10. $5 a pound, but I had no idea the bags were two pounds each. I put them back -- I don't want to spend $10 for grapes, and doubt I could eat two pounds of them before they went bad.

But they were really good! I like regular grapes, but these were so much better.

I suspect you're not supposed to, but I might go back tomorrow and rearrange the bags so one has less in it, because I can't stop thinking about those grapes...

A video about them:

Edit: Wow, that's an awful image the video is paused on...
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