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2017 book: Madness on the Orient Express

Madness on the Orient Express: 16 Lovecraftian Tales of an Unforgettable Journey by James Lowder (editor)
Rating: Liked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

I have zero interest in the Orient Express.
I've never read any, and I'm not interested in, Lovecraftian stories.

Then why did I pick up this book? There's an author I love, James Sutter, and he has a story in it. I'm reading everything of his I can get my hands on.

I was surprised that I enjoyed most stories in this book. None of them were outright scary, though a number were creepy and a couple had some gross scenes. Most of them were well written and kept my interest.

Nicely, every story in this book was written by an author in the gaming field. Most of them were traditional tabletop game writers, though a few were videogame writers.

Sutter's story was the third to last one, and by the time I reached it, I pretty much had enough of this genre. I read the second to last one, but gave up in the middle of the final one, ending at the 87% point. It wasn't the fault of the story, I just was at my limit of stories about a subject I didn't really care about.

Point reached in this book: 87%
Previous abandoned book total: 0%
New total: 87% + 0% = 87%

Currently reading: Skullsworn by Brian Staveley.
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