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I would walk five hundred miles and I would walk five hundred more...

Okay, maybe not miles. In an effort at things, I'm trying to work up to that whole "walk 10,000 steps a day" thing. (I know for some of you out there, that's a joke. But for me, who is on a computer all day at work, then on a computer all day after work, it's not ever anything I've even gotten close to.) Apparently you can break that 10,000 steps down into as small of units as you want, so I'm breaking them down into 100 steps at a time. (The goal of this isn't to get your heart rate up, just to not be sedentary.)

Small steps. Not literal small steps. Small steps towards reaching 10,000 steps. Apparently walking in place counts just as much as walking to go somewhere, so I stand next to my computer and do 100 frequently. That's worked so far at home, but tomorrow I go back to the office, so I'm not sure how well that will go there...

And speaking of work, changes are a'brewing...

So, once more, my company is offering early retirement. Anyone 60+ is apparently being offered a nice package. (I swear to god, if it were me, I'd snatch it up and go live in some cheap place.) But anyway, as almost my entire group at work is 60+, this is potentially an issue. (Four of six people are 60+. One is 75...)

Turns out, our group leader/manager is taking the offer. I honestly don't think it will be much of a loss to our group, except one of the other writers is stepping up to take her position. That means all the work she's doing will likely fall onto those of us who are still there...

I'm really worried about this change. Our current manager supposedly works offsite 50% of the time, but it's really closer to 80%. In some ways it's SERIOUSLY nice to have a boss so completely out of touch with what's going on. Of course it's a pain when we need help, but it's good when you feel like staring at a wall instead of doing anything.

This change won't happen until the fall, so we have time. I'm just worried...

In gaming news, the MMO I play (FFXIV) has an expansion coming out in June. Today was a four hour long preview of all the changes, all shown by the producer (man who saved the whole game). It was so fun and exciting to watch it all, especially since my whole guild watched it online together. It's such a cool, amazing experience to get excited over stuff with people from around the world. We have one person from Africa, one from South America, a bunch from across Europe, and lots from North America. All of us together, excited over this online thing. :)
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