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Quick post-trip post

Being offline for a week is rough. Even with my phone, I couldn't keep up with anything. Not to mention there's a week worth of work waiting for me at my job...

My poor kitty has brain damage from being at the vet for a week. She wanders around the apartment and calls for me as if she were lost (or I was?). She also wakes up abruptly and calls for me. At the moment, she's behind my bed and will call for me every few minutes, which is odd since she has a cat bed on the desk within arm's reach of me... Kitty brains are odd.

It was very good to see my mother, and we did some fun things in Maine. Two zoos (York was wonderful, the Grey Animal Rehab center was bad to the point I worried for the animals). The weather was awful (every day but one the high was 55 and it rained). The last day was in the 70s and beautiful, and I got a bad sunburn at the zoo. :P

Unfortunately the flights, especially coming home, were awful. Eight hours of delays in Chicago (some kind of issue with the San Francisco air traffic controllers). Then they lost my bag... It's been 24 hours now, and still no sign of it. On one hand, United "knows" it's in San Francisco, so technically it's not really lost? But I'm not a big clothing person -- I only own five pairs of pants I could wear to work, and four of them are in my bag. The loss of it would be a very big issue for me. The baggage delivery company they use sucks. I can't get an ETA or even acknowledgement that my bag even exists, 24 hours later.

Uber is such a wonderful thing. For $14 I got a ride from the San Jose airport (see the issue with my bag being in San Francisco?). I did have to share it with one other person, and that person got dropped off first even though I was picked up first, but still! Fast trip, cheap price. It was the high point of my trip home.

It's so good to be back!

Edit: Good work, United. Apparently my bag was sitting in San Francisco all day, because they didn't know I wanted it delivered. Even though I filled out a delivery form with the United baggage support person and have a copy of it in my hand... It would have just stayed in that other airport if I hadn't had called to check.
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