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Are you okay, Pokemon Go?

I don't play Go much. I don't like it and I never have fun with it, but now and again it hooks me back again, and I try not to completely give up on it since it does help me walk more. Like now, I just started dabbling in battling, but the 'lack of a pokestop anywhere near me' issue keeps coming back and biting me on the ass, no matter what aspect of the game I want to do.

Catch pokemon? No pokestop = no pokeballs.
Battle? No pokestop = no revives/potions.

It's annoying and frustrating.

Anyway. Since 40 or so of my pokemon are fainted, I've been walking far and wide to hit the one pokestop reachable from work. On the way, I saw a pokemon... or did I?

I've never seen those icons on the side before, and tapping them did nothing. The pokeball was bouncing under the ground, just that top edge showing at the top of the bounce.

All in all, Go is just not the Pokemon game I want to play. It frustrates the hell out of me to have to take time and rearrange my real life for a game. Sometimes I take the longer route to work and make stops just to hit pokestops. How messed up is that for a game?

Ah well. Anything that helps me walk more is something.
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