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Good news! Nuclear Smuggling has six times less economic impact than Book Piracy!

While it was probably a bad decision to look at this site at work, I clicked before I thought about that. was linked to me as a resource for writers. Need to know how much cocaine costs by the gram? How much a kidney sells for? How much it costs to hire an assassin? That site will hook you up! (With the information, that is.)

Economic impact numbers:
Book Piracy is a $600 million issue.
Nuclear Smuggling is only $100 million!

Software Piracy is only $63 million (how is it so much less than book piracy?). Music and movie piracy are both only single digits millions.

Book piracy:
In Russia, 92% of ebooks are pirated. In the US, it's 12%.

I don't dare click the links for drug/sex ones while at work, but the more work safe information is really interesting!
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