Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

I'm not prepared!

Cut so as not to spoil things for Chia.

I don't remember if 3_11 (post-"Harry" cutting his own throat, Dumbledore admitting he's dying) affected me so much the first time I read it. The whole thing about Snape thinking he doesn't even have a soul, and Dumbledore wanting to give him some happiness so that Snape can can find peace after death... I feel so terrible for Snape. Gah, I'm having trouble even getting things out into words. Emotions too strong.

I semi-strongly considered not reading the second half of part three. Do I want to spend the last day of my vacation crying? Well, since I'm now already crying, it's become something of a moot point. And, oddly, I feel like I owe it to them all, to Snape and to Harry and to Dumbledore, to continue on with this.

*sniff* :)

And darned it all, Bittersweet Potion needs to update!
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