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Second trip to Costco: More of a success!

I may never need to buy toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, or zip-lock bags ever again in my entire life!

kelen had the right idea, paper goods were the way to go. Also, this time I went late enough that they had samples out! I think I was still too early for most of them (11 AM, place opens at 10 AM), but I did have two delicious cheese samples (in fact, I swung around so I could get a second one of each. I felt guilty about that, but I assume others do as well). I was offered a sample of some odd things (children's vitamins and adult diapers...) and turned those down.

I spent way more than I would have liked, but as what I bought should last me a good long time, it's probably worth it.

Only thing I'm still disappointed by is the food court. I had heard such good things about it! That people make the trip to the store just to eat there! It wasn't bad, it just wasn't all that good. This time I tried a slice of their pizza, which I liked even less than the hot dog and chicken roll thing I had tried the time before.

The place really needs a map though. How are you supposed to know what's down which aisle? Especially since some are oddly mixed, like drinks and soap, kids' snacks and olives (so many olives! A quarter row of them!).

Stay tuned, next time I'll post about my trip to the dollar store! :P
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