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Wednesday morning snicker, and RL news (three years post-bariatric surgery)

From a fic I'm reading. The story is good enough that I'm overlooking the multitude of grammar issues, but this just made me snicker out loud:

“Toby” she said silently. “Thank you”
The pure sincerity and gratefulness in her voice made Tobias feel...


Because I had bariatric surgery, I need to get lots of bloodwork done every year to make sure I'm not dying of some vitamin deficiency or something. Last year I was worried because my A1C (diabetes number) had creeped up a little closer to pre-diabetic, but happily this year it was back to being low.

I'm not sure why, but apparently my bloodwork has always been really, really good (vitamin levels-wise). Repeatedly I've been told that my numbers are perfect, some of the best post-surgery that my doctors have seen. I wonder why that is? I wonder if other people stop taking the special vitamins we're supposed to take for life? I have to admit, I'm getting a little worse about it, I probably forget one day a week. I really need to go back to never failing to take them. It's just a matter of habit! I have to take them three different times a day though, apart from each other, so it's more complex than just swallowing a pill once a day.

...huh, I just realized, I think it's almost exactly three years since my surgery. Amazing that I've forgotten the date, I have to check LJ to see. Yep, 9/15/2014 was my surgery, so next week will be three years.

I'm not at home, so I can't say the exact amount I've lost (140-160 pounds range). Over the last year I've gained back 15 pounds, which is the scariest thing ever. I'm trying very hard to lose it back again (so easy to regain, so hard to lose...).

Is my life better now? Am I happy I had the surgery? It's hard to say. I'm healthier, which is good. I can fly comfortably on planes, which is spiffy. I can walk a lot, which is really nice. It's just depressing to forever be obsessed with the food I eat, feeling guilty and stressed, constantly worried about gaining it back.

The biggest issue I need to work on is exercise. I knew that going in, and it's held true. My greatest joy in life is being online, which means sitting at the computer... I do it all day at work, then at home all night.

Fast food is is a success though. I used to eat it daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day. Now I rarely go. If I go once a month, it's a lot. It's very expensive around here, and the flavor just doesn't generally work for me anymore. I've become obsessed with fruit though, when in he past I was indifferent to it.
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