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Lost an Alligator? Call me!

Went home to eat lunch. Ate lunch (which is usually but not always what I do during lunch). Finished, headed out the door to return to work. Stopped short.

What's that on my doorstep?

Aie! A giant brown lizard-thing with big jaws! Eek eek!

My first thought? Get the camera! Take a picture! (But don't get too close...)

Darted back into the house and grabbed the camera. The door must have scared it, as it ran off the doorstep. Came back out (and here's my failing: Didn't close the door all the way). Took a fast picture.

Miss. Kitty sticks her head out the door. (Oooh! Outsideness! Woo, I'm free!) I yell 'No!' at her and she ducks back inside (whew), but of course that scared the lizard-thing off as well. I didn't watch as it ran because keeping the feline inside was way more important.

So I have the one picture, but had no time to download it off the camera, so who knows if it came out or not. I have no clue what it is (it looked like a baby alligator!), but the bleeding heart animal lover in me made me put out a dish of water for it, even though I hope to never see it again. (It was scary! And big! Blech! ...but it's hot out and (most) scary things shouldn't have to go without water in the heat.)

If the picture shows anything, I'll upload it tonight.
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