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Send help, I think I'm addicted to Costco

I don't even like shopping, but I LOVE going to Costco. Since I had an unexpected day off today, I made a trip. I was low on gas, so I went to the one with a Costco gas station to try that out.

I think, for me with my hybrid car, it's not worth it. Even at 9:30 AM, there was a seriously long line (half-hour), and I didn't save all that much. Less than $4, total. I won't bother doing that again.

However! Shopping! I went in for one single thing (a $5 refill for hand soap), and ended up with $100 of stuff. Which is what happens every time I go. I only bought one thing I didn't "need" (a $20 fleece sweater, it's going to get cold out soon!).

Remembering the comments on my last post, I got butter this time. Half the cost of in the supermarket! Though four pounds of it is going to last me for ages and ages...

This time I gave in and got a container of grapes there. A four pound container for basically the same price as two pounds from the supermarket. Unfortunately they don't taste as good, but grapes are a crapshoot that way.

Yet again (two trips out of three), there were no samples out. I just go too early, boo.

It's going to be hard to give up my membership, but I just don't use it enough to cover the cost... hmmm, checking Google, membership is only $60? For some reason, I thought it was like $200 or so. I guess I won't have to let it drop after my year is out, I must save more than that. Yay!
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