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So very busy!

Hello everyone! Sorry I keep being quiet here, but life is so frantically busy, I keep having no time to post. I'm catching up on reading my friends list though! Just 50 more posts to go.

One of the things that's keeping me busy is that my job keeps wanting me to take more classes. I do have my college degree already, but the company is big on always continuing your education, so this year I signed up for an editing class. I thought it would be cake -- I love editing, I think I'm good at it. OH MY GOD. It's the hardest class I've ever taken in my life! It's a 400 level class, which I guess is part of it, but man, there's so very much about grammar that I never knew. Like adverbs/adjectives aren't just simple little things, there are more than a dozen different types of them. All sorts of things that I either never heard of before, or learned decades ago in school.

The odd thing about the class is that I can do the editing, I just flail at explaining the basics behind the changes I'm making -- I know how to fix sentences, but explaining in exact detail why the change needs to be made is apparently another story. I do well on the practical parts of the class, and struggle on the theory.

In other news, California is on fire. I feel bad complaining about the smoke, since people up north have it so much worse -- thousands of homes have been burned. I was thinking about loupnoir this morning, hoping she's still safe and well. Still, I've had a blinding headache for days now, from breathing smoke nonstop. My poor sinuses!

I have a love-hate relationship with Pokemon Go. I really don't enjoy the game, but it keeps me walking, so I keep playing it. The 'hate' part comes in from taking over gyms/trying to get my 50 coins a day. I tend to drive out of my way on the way to work, so I can take over a half-dozen gyms and hopefully get my 50 coins a day. I wish I could be more casual about it, but I'm so bad at being casual about anything...
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