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Book #36 of 2017: Dawn of Mammals (Saber Tooth)

Saber Tooth (Dawn of Mammals Book 1) by Lou Cadle
Rating: Loved (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

What a completely fun and entertaining book this was! Well-written, believable, exciting, and with a really fun idea.

The story started in current times, the real world. In it an advance science class of high school students is on a field trip to a national park, and during it they find a time rift. This was the only part of the book you had to just go along with: the fact that a time rift existed and that they all willingly went through it. But, if you can accept that, the rest of the story is outstanding.

The author is both a scientist and an expert on survival, and that comes through in this story. The kids and three adults are stuck in prehistoric times with only what's in their pockets. Little water, next to no food, no weapons, nothing to help them survive other than their brains. And, because this was an advanced science class and not a typical group of high school kids, I enjoyed spending time with all the characters.

As much fun as the story itself was, it was just as much fun reading about the world. His version of prehistoric times, from plants to animals to even changes in the stars, was completely believable -- I could tell he was an expert on this material.

This was book #1 of a series. There are four out now, and I have the next two on my Kindle already. I've started the next one, Terror Crane, already.
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