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DST kicked my butt

It's so odd, I've never experienced a DST like this one. I feel like I'm 8 or 9 hours off normal, not just one hour. All day I couldn't tell if it was morning, early afternoon, or evening, and worse than that, all day I wanted to eat.

It didn't help that I was up at 4 AM today... 5 AM is bad enough, especially on a weekend, but my body thought it was time to be up, so up I was.

Hopefully I'll be able to get adjusted tomorrow.

To pass the time today, I finally saw Spider-Man Homecoming. Completely loved it! It might not be in my top five Marvel movies, but I still enjoyed the whole thing. Now I'm itching to see the new Thor movie!
Tags: dst, movie: spider-man homecoming, rl, so very tired
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