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Who is responsible for this?

Up until a couple days ago, I had only ever heard a few moments of any Hamilton song. I'm not into American history, and I'm not really into rap, and things that are mega popular tend to turn me off, so I never gave it a chance.

Then someone made a fan video for the game I play. Even though I don't like the character, the song was really catchy, and I found myself singing it endlessly, even days after first hearing it.

Finally curious enough, I googled it to check the source. Huh, a Hamilton song! After listening to it for a few days nonstop, I decided to see if I'd like the other songs as much.

Wow, I completely did. I can't believe how catchy they all are! And it's such a good story!

And now I'm one of you all, obsessed with it, plotting how maybe I could go see it live sometime. When I'm not listening to it, I want to be listening to it.

And that first song I heard, that started me on this road? His songs are still my favorites!
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