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Gasp! A non-book review post!

My life never seems interesting enough to post about. I go to work, go home, play video games all night, go to bed, then start all over the next day.

Health: I did something to my shoulder/arm almost a month ago, and after going downhill for a week, I wasn't able to lift it above shoulder height. It kept not getting better, so eventually I made a doctor appointment. Usually, if you're willing to see any doctor, you can get in the next day. This time it took me a whole week to get an appointment with a random doctor. By the time I got to see her, it was finally improving a little. She said it was tendonitis of the bicep. Usually she would give me a painkiller, but the ones I can take are limited and I didn't really want one anyway, so I skipped that. She referred me to physical therapy as well, but since I was getting better, I decided to wait on that, too.

A week later(ish) and it's about 80% better. I can lift it as high as the other arm, though it doesn't have the strength of it, so I'm just going to give it more time and keep stretching it.

TV: VIKINGS! VIKINGS! VIKINGS! I finally gave that show a try, and my god is it good. :D I'm almost done with the second season. I'm watching at least one episode a day, which is just such a great way to watch a show.

Unfortunately, totally my own fault, I read a big spoiler about something that happens to my favorite character, so that's kind of a downer. The small plus side: I can see all the signs leading up to it happening, I wouldn't have recognized them if I hadn't known the spoiler.

I watched the Blood Eagle ep right before going to bed the other night. I'm amazed I didn't have nightmares about it...

Is anyone else watching?
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