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Media in non-book form [No spoilers anywhere!]

I've had the link to this comic open forever, waiting for time to make a post and share it. If you are a Star Wars fan, or even if you just kind of know the characters (like me), this fan-made comic is something else. Abundance of Faith Just the artwork alone is worth looking at, but the story was interesting as well (and I bet a Star Wars fan would get a lot more out of it than I did). Be sure not to miss the link to the backstory/comic for the Storm Trooper character, it's at the bottom of one of the chapters. I loved that as much as I did the original story. The artist is making a second SW comic, and I can't wait to see it!

Black Mirror: I finally watched the current season, only four months after it came out. Can't say it was really worth the wait though... Not sure if this season was weaker than season 3, but it really didn't impress me. I only loved one ep of the six (Hang the DJ). Three were okay (USS Callister, Metalhead, Black Museum). I disliked one (Arkangel). One I hated more than any other ep in the series (Crocodile).

Lost in Space: I'm marathoning it this weekend, on ep 8 of 10. While it's not "best thing ever on TV" level, it's entertaining and fun. I never saw the original series, so I can't compare it to that, but I'm enjoying it for what it is.

Vikings: Alas, like so many other people, I've lost interest in the show mid-season 4. When the timejump happened/the kids growing up, I just stopped caring. At least the first seasons were outstanding! And this was only the second show ever that I listened to the themesong Every Single Time. Most of the time when I'm catching up on a show, I aggressively skip them. Love Viking's though.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: I'm not sure if I gave up on season 2 of this or not. The problem is, you need to watch and pay attention to catch all the jokes and such, but I multitask through much of my TV viewing, and that's just a poor match for this show.
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