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Books 16-19 of 2018: Animorphs 4-7

The Message by K. A. Applegate
The Predator by K. A. Applegate
The Capture by K. A. Applegate
The Stranger by K. A. Applegate

Traditional or self-published: Traditional
Rating: Disliked, Disliked, Liked, Liked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Two non-review bits:
- This is going to be my year with the highest book count ever.
- Turns out it's a bad idea to not review these one-by-one, I forgot what happened in the earlier books and how much I liked them. Going forward, one review per book!

The Message: My least favorite of the series thus far, but contains the most plot-important stuff. Kids morph into dolphins, find a [spoiler] under the sea.

The Predator: Another low point. I don't really like [spoiler], and much of this book was about it. This was, however, quite a dark book. Kids morph into, among other things, lobsters. Almost die.

The Capture: Kids morph into roaches and flies. Wheeee.

The Stranger: Wow, what an addition to the plot! No new morph forms, but a really large new element to the world. I know at least one person is reading these with me, so I'll put the info about it behind a spoiler tag. [Cut off here]A new alien/god-like character was introduced, one with interesting laws it seems to need to follow.

Overall: Man, these are dark for kids books. In one of these four, one of the kids has a leg ripped off. In another, a kid is almost cut in half. (If they're hurt in animal form, they can just morph back to human and be fine... except they still remember what it felt like.)

The kids are so PTSD at this point, I'm completely loving this series!
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