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Yes, I'll take an Italian chef. Thank you!

Ohhh, I so love this Barilla (pasta) commercial that's been running on TV lately. A blonde woman is wandering some street in Italy, then bumps into a cute guy. Turns out he's the chef at the place where she's going to have dinner, and he cooks specially just for her and then serves her himself (even though he appears to be the head chef or owner).

There's really pretty opera music in the background (and I usually detest opera). I think it's Andrea Bocelli, but I could be wrong.

It's so sweet and the guy is so cute (though the woman doesn't really do much for me). How they can get a great little love story in a 30 second ad is amazing. I wish more ads were this good; I actually turn my head to watch this one when it's on.
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