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Soon my journal will be old enough to drink

While I missed the exact day, my LJ turned 16 last week.

First post ever: August 15th, 2002 at 5:35 PM

Isn't that kind of scary? My blog here is old enough to almost be considered an adult.

While I don't post much non-book review stuff anymore (my life is so boring!), I do read my entire friends list. For a while I was doing it only once a week, but I've gotten better about that and now read it a few times a week. I feel a lot more connected with people that way.

Happily the LJ Archive tool still works for me (not everyone is that lucky), so I have an offline backup, as well as an out-of-date online backup at

Elsewhere you can find me very active on Tumblr (, but that's 100% gaming stuff, nothing RL at all.
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