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Book #27 of 2018: Lifter

Lifter by Kilian Crawford
Traditional or self-published: Traditional
Rating: Hated (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

This book made me so angry. "Average teenage boy learns how to fly." Seems like an interesting enough idea. Problem was the first half of the book was just average teenage boy in an average life. The only interesting thing about it was that it was written in and set in the 80s, so things were interestingly dated. (Though, since 1980 was only a few years back, I'm not sure how things from them became dated. I need to write a letter of complaint about that...) Anyway, the teenage boy was a hacker, so it was an interesting view of things. For example, I had forgotten that they used to not be called "computers", apparently everyone called them "IBM PCs".

Through the powers of biofeedback, the kid leaned how to fly. (Remember how popular biofeedback had been back then?) I hadn't liked that twist, but was willing to go along with it to see how the story went.

Problem was, the kid was able to teach other people how to fly in just a few minutes. Using the powers of biofeedback. His girlfriend was upset that he was keeping secrets from her, so he taught her how to fly.

And that's where my issues with this story really started. The whole second half of the book was about the two of them arguing about releasing this secret to the public or not. She was pro, he was against. The whole second half of the book was them disagreeing over it.

[Spoilers from here on, so I'll cut it.]

The story's climax was at a football game (So Much Football in this book). At the end of the game the girlfriend flies in with a bunch of other people she taught to fly without boyfriend knowing about it, and the flyers do cheerleading stuff over the stands.

And as the book ends, the boyfriend stands there watching them give away the secret he had discovered... and he's perfectly fine with it. 100% fine. Not a single bad thought about them. He's just all "Oh well, I guess it was good to tell people". It's like the whole second half of the book was a complete waste of time.

What a frustrating book. I have no idea why I finished it.

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