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My kingdom for a plug-thingie!

I got new carpets put in last weekend, and though I put everything back in the same places, for some reason now there's no place to plug the scanner in... and I have so much I want to scan! I'll go out at lunch and get one tomorrow, either to Fry's (blech) or Target. (Can you believe I've never gone to a Target before? But there's one close to work, so I might hit it.)

The new doujinshi I got today is really cool, even if it's not what I was expecting. It's cute and amusing, but there's not much more than a kiss or two in it. Nice art though. I'll be scanning some in, but exactly how much depends on if Kuruma has it already or not. I'll have to scan the covers because I can't find a title or a circle name. One one cover is A/B/J and on the other an odd looking Tidus (the only poorly drawn thing in the whole book) and Auron.

There's a lot of good music in FFX, but I'm paused at a save point with one of my favorite bits: The Mi'ihem Highroad. It sounds so western, I could totally almost feel like I was riding a horse while listening to it. Unfortunately I need to stop the game now, Survivor is on in ten minutes. Just enough time to pick out a picture for tonight...

Click for the full (very nice!) picture!

One other bit of fluff: After a year of putting it off, I finally rewrote my MUSH character's desc. Before I even knew what FFX was, this fan picture (not work safe) caught my eye because young Auron in it looks a lot like Sly (so long as you call the white in his hair shine from the light and not grey, and his skin tone needs to darken a few shades).

I can RP, and people say they like RPing with me, but I hate doing descs and always have trouble with them.

There's probably a good amount of Hispanic blood in this teen's veins, as evidenced by his coloring: black haired, black eyed, and deeply tan of skin. Sly stands about average height for his sixteen or so years of age, but he has more muscle definition and size than most of his peers; he's not "bulky" by a long shot, but when he flexes (as he often does to show off), the press of them can easily be seen against his shirt.

And speaking of shirts, black tends to be the color of his. Black shirts, black pants, and black leather "biker" boots. As required, a black leather jacket is added to his outfit. On the side of his neck is a bit more black: The ink of a tattoo. It's a design made up of curved, blade-like strokes, tribal in nature, and runs from the side of his neck down to his shoulder.

Sly has two major scars, one hard to miss and one only visible if he's shirtless. The first is a thinnish one, the mark of a knife. It runs across his face, from the right side of his forehead, down along the outer corner of his right eye, ending at his jawline. The second scar is a much larger one: A thicker, heavier line of scar tissue, it runs from one side of his chest to the opposite side of his stomach, crossing his torso like an ugly sash.

In general, Sly is not often seen as part of a group; even within a gathering of people, this Rocket tends to be either physically, mentally, or emotionally somewhat apart from the herd. He's a watcher, his black eyes missing little, and his awareness of the world around him seems much higher than normal for one his age... or for any age.
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