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2018: A Year in Books

Welcome to the look back on my 6th year of reviewing books! As I will be neither finishing nor abandoning the book I'm currently reading in time to include it in this count, I can post this a little ahead of time.

Trends for the year 2018:

1) Someone please free me from phone games! For the second year in a row, I lost way too much reading time to phone games. I know exactly how they hook you, I know the tricks they use to keep you playing daily, but that doesn't make those tricks any less effective. I was disappointed in myself to see I had mentioned this last year, too.
2) Because of point #1, the only reason I made my 50 book goal is because of the Animorphs books. They take only 2-3 hours to read, so they padded my numbers.

Next year will be better!

Total books read each year, goal of 50 per year.

I made 50 by the skin of my teeth...

Of the 51 book count, 37 of them were completed books. I had credit for 14 books worth of abandoned books. Whenever I abandoned a book, I added up the percent of it I had finished, then in the end divided by 100. Not a perfect system, but no other way of doing it.

Partial book credits for the year: 1,471% (14 books!)

Total books abandoned each year.

Surprising how close the last three years were.

How much I liked this year's collection of books.

Books I finished:

Books I abandoned:

Happy reading to everyone in 2019!
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