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Book #3 of 2019: The Change (Animorphs book 13)

The Change (Animorphs book 13) by K. A. Applegate
Traditional or self-published: Traditional
Rating: Liked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Well now. After a whole lot of nothing, stuff finally happened in this series. Thanks to an almost literal deus ex machina, there was character evolution. We also got a lot of interesting information on one of the alien species.

Spoilers behind the cut on that character change:

Animorphs can only stay in their animal morph form for two hours, otherwise they're trapped in that shape forever. In one of the early books, Tobias was forced to stay longer, and so was forever trapped as a hawk.

Through what was almost literally an act of god, he regained his powers to morph, and acquired his own DNA (though some kind of handwavey time travel stuff) and so now he can morph back to his human body.

The other plotline was about the Hork-Bajir, an alien race taken over by the bad guys. I really enjoyed learning more about them.

After a few duds, it was nice to get another enjoyable book in this series. (Down side: Apparently this is the best book of the series, and it was only "enjoyable".)
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